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The triliteral root "zay-nun-ya"means "immorality", and occurs nine times in the Quran. It appears twice  as "yaznu", once as "zina", three times as "zan" and three times as "zaniyat".

Immorality is: the quality, character, or state of being immoral.
Immoral means: violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.
licentious or lascivious.
Related words for immorality: evil, iniquity, wickedness

wa-alladhine la yaduna maa allah ilahan akhara, wala yaqtuluna l-nafsa allati harrama l-lahu illa bil-haqi wala yaznuna waman yafal dhalika yalqa athaman  [Q25:68]

and those who not invoke with Allah other deity, and not kill the soul Allah forbidden. Allah only by right and not commit immorality and who does that will meet a penalty.

wala taqrabu l-zina innahu kana fahishatan* wasaa sabilan [Q17:32]
and do not go near the immoral. Verily, that is unconscionable and an evil way.

*The root of this word (fa-ha-shin) means "to became excessive"or "beyond measure".

The verse before, verse 32 speaks about not killing your children. The verse after the verse above, verse 34, speaks about not killing any soul. So since verse 32 is in the middle, it can only talk about murder and that could should not commit the immoral act of killing your children as that is unconscionable and evil to do.

Rabbana waatina ma waadttana ala rusulika wala tukhzina yawma l-qiyamati [Q3:194]
Our Lord, grant us what you promised us through your messengers and not us immoral day the resurrection.

(We sent down a chapter with clear verses which We made obligatory to follow so you may remember.) Q24

al-zaniyatu wal-zani fa-ijlidu kulia [Q24:2]
the immoral women and the immoral men.

The immoral women and the immoral men are only allowed to marry someone immoral as themselves (associators included, because they are immoral as well). Believers are told to stay away from immorality and are not permitted to marry immoral people (the word haram is in the verse).
(if of course the verses speak about marriage at all)

l-zaniyatu are the opposite of l-muhsanati
fahishatan is oppsite of l-fasiquna

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